Ancient stones whisperer of Jerusalem

Dr. Avi Solomon is an archaeologist and researcher of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Certified Tourist guide by the Israeli Tourism Ministry, an archaeologist with over 20 years of experience in conducting excavations in the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall tunnels. 

Among the very special discoveries are ritual bathes from the second temple period, and a late roman theater like building.
Researcher of Dead Sea Scrolls and Qumran. Specializes in guided tours of archaeological sites in Israel, especially the Old City of Jerusalem.

As a young student he started participated in archaeological excavations carried out by Bar Ilan University at Tel Beth-Shemesh – an important biblical site in the northeastern Shephelah (lowland) of Judah – where he took part in unearthing the South Gate and adjacent structures. Later he participated in unearthing a residence compound of the Essenes who lived in Qumran, whose ancient scrolls from Second Temple times are considered the earliest writings in Hebrew found in the Land of Israel. These scrolls were later the subject of his PhD thesis.



As a research assistant for Prof. Dan Bahat he participated in excavations in the City of David unearthing a Second Temple era Mikveh (ritual bath), and in Tel Yavne. During the next 18 years Dr. Salomon excavated the Western Wall Tunnels. These excavations were very challenging since they consist multi-periods sites ranging from B.C 700 to A.D 1600, inside enclosed spaces. These excavations yielded numerous findings, among them some rare and important findings.